Los Angeles
Flag of Los Angeles County, California

Flag of Los Angeles County

Los Angeles (A shortened form of the original name of the city, it translates to "the angels") is one of the 58 counties in the state of California. It was created in 1850, making it one of the original counties of the state. As of the 2010 census, the population was 9,818,605, up from 9,519,338 in 2000. Los Angeles has the largest population of any county in the US by a substantial margin. The next largest county, Cook County, Illinois, has "only" about 5.2 million residents.

The county is bordered on the south and southwest by the Pacific Ocean, on the west by Ventura County, on the north by Kern County, on the east by San Bernardino County and on the southeast by Orange County. The county seat is, of course, Los Angeles, which is the largest city in the state in terms of population, and second largest in the US in terms of population.

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